Medicare Insurance Services

Medicare health insurance can be categorized in four basic product types:

Original Medicare is designed to cover approximately 80% of your hospital/doctor bills. It does not include Prescription Drug Coverage.

Medicare Supplement plans are as the name indicates – they supplement Original Medicare by picking up where Medicare leaves off. Normally, they do not offer Prescription Drug coverage.

Medicare Advantage plans work quite differently. The insurance companies sponsoring Medicare Advantage plans are paid directly by Medicare to assume full responsibility for your healthcare. They often include Prescription Drug coverage.

Prescription Drug plans can be purchased individually or as part of a Medicare Advantage package. There is a penalty that accrues if you do not purchase a Prescription Drug plan when you become eligible for Medicare.

We recommend you become familiar with each of these Medicare insurance types, how they are structured and how they function to meet your health insurance needs. Read more in Understanding Medicare Insurance or call 866-733-5111 or click Live Chat for a one-on-one consultation.

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