Community Connections (VibrantUSA & KGMI)
Community Connections (VibrantUSA & KGMI)
Community Connections Radio Show - September 2022

Bill Davis, host of Community Connections with KGMI radio interviews VibrantUSA agent Marsha Neal. In this September edition, Marsha reminds listeners to keep an eye out for 2023 Annual Notice of Change (ANOC) letters that should be arriving soon.  These lay out any changes that will take place in the new plan year for your current health and drug plans. She also covers the time frame for the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) Oct. 15th-Dec. 7th, as well as things to think about when reviewing your plan.  Marsha also touches on the new Inflation Reduction Act and some of the changes will that will come with that, and some new Medicare rules when it comes to recording conversations.

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