What Is A Partner?

A Vibrant Partner may be an organization that displays VibrantUSA Brochures and refers clients to us for Medicare insurance assistance. Or, a Vibrant Partner may choose to be much more. In addition to brochures, your organization may want reports, seminars, co-branding, or website interaction. It is up to you how much or how little service you need. And, there is never a cost to you or your client for our service.

[lts_blockquote align=”none” cite=”~ David A. Lynch, M.D. ABFM Family Care Network”]VibrantUSA has assembled a professional staff that listens carefully to each patient and then takes the time needed to be sure all questions are answered. This enables them to recommend coverage choices that really meet our patients’ needs. I trust them to do the right thing[/lts_blockquote]