Sign Up for Medicare Online

For many Americans, Medicare is a vital component of their health care coverage when they retire. Where once there may have been employer coverage, something else is needed after retirement. Medicare is a health insurance program covered by the federal [...]

Coinsurance vs. Copay

No matter what insurance plan you have, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re responsible for when it comes to costs. Although they aren’t necessarily related, copay and coinsurance can cause some confusion. Copay is an alternative to [...]

Fresh Start

Our world is re-opening, and our change anxiety is escalating. It reminds me of a new school year. Some of us can’t wait. Sales of clothing, salon services, and cosmetics are booming. And some of us are dreading all of it— the commute, the wardrobe, the [...]

Medicare Depression Screening

Depression is a mental health condition that impacts mood. It’s a fact that struggling with depression can be difficult – no matter what age you are. Not sure if you are wrestling with depression? Your primary care provider can provide a screening for [...]

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