Medicare Pointers


Medicare offers several different types of plans and often they differ based on geographical area. Generally, once you become Medicare eligible, you are automatically enrolled in Part A, or Original Medicare. When eligible, you will need to enroll in Part B; also Original Medicare. You may want to consider a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D). You may want to consider a Medicare Advantage Plan, such as HMO or PPO that provides all your Part A, Part B and often Part D prescription drug coverage. If you choose the Original Medicare Plan, you may want to consider a Modernized Medicare Supplement Policy or also referred to as a Medigap plan. Each year you can review your health and prescription needs and switch to a different plan in the fall.

Here are a few pointers to help you choose the right Medicare Insurance Solution:

Choosing the Right Medicare Insurance Plan:

  • What Medicare insurance plans do your physicians accept? Your specialists?
  • Is your primary objective to find comprehensive coverage or the lowest premium?
  • If you are considering a Medicare plan that includes prescription drugs, does the drug portion meet your needs?
  • Do you occasionally travel outside of the United States?

Choosing a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan:

  • What Medicare Part D programs are available in your area?
  • What is the formulary (a detailed listing of drugs included in the plan) and how will this impact your access to specific medications and the pharmacy that you use?
  • How will Part D affect any prescription benefits you may be receiving from the federal government, your employer or your former employer?

Choosing the Right Medicare Insurance Agency:

  • Is the insurance agency independent or do they only represent a single insurance company?
  • Do they work with your physician to make certain the coverage you choose is accepted?
  • Do they assign a specialist to address your Medicare insurance needs?
  • Does the agency specialize in Medicare insurance?

Why should you consider VibrantUSA to assist you in identifying your Medicare Solution? Here’s why:

  • We are a local family-owned company dedicated to your needs.
  • We are the preferred agency for hundreds of Family Physicians.
  • You are assigned your own personal Insurance Specialist who is an independent agent able to address your questions.
  • We verify insurance plans accepted by your physician prior to accepting an application.
  • We are extensively trained and certified on all of the products we represent.
  • We have access to many insurance companies with more than 50 plan variations.
  • There is no charge for our services.
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