Your relationship with your Primary Care Provider and your Specialists tend to be something you value immensely.  When you learn that your provider is no longer contracting with your Medicare Insurance plan, it can be something that is very stressful and disconcerting.  This is precisely why our team takes such great care in working with you to understand your needs to confirm that any plan you select will provide you the network of providers that are important to you.

Most of our customers will receive some advanced notice of this event taking place when they will still have time to review their plan options and select a different plan.  However, there are certainly some instances where this change happens during the middle of the year and you may not be able to make a new plan selection until the next Annual Election Period.  That being said it is very important when you learn of this even to not panic and to check with our team to learn about your options.

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Annual Election Period

If you have been told your doctor(s) will not accept your insurance plan next year, it is likely that you can utilize the Annual Election Period to review your plan options and potentially select a new plan for that next year.  The Annual Election period begins on October 15th and concludes on December 7th.  The next year’s plan information is generally available on October 1st and your agents can assist you with reviewing your options on this date.