Individual Supplemental Insurance

Individual Supplemental Insurance also known as Indemnity plans can be purchased to supplement existing medical coverage or in place of traditional forms of health insurance to serve as an accident protector. These plans are usually not offered to enrollees over the age of 65. With major medical insurance, specifically, your insurance company pays the medical provider directly for services provided to you. With Individual Supplemental Insurance, the benefits go directly to you, to use at your discretion.

Individual Supplemental Health Insurance policies can help you pay for unexpected expenses associated with covered illnesses or accidents. Supplemental insurance is similar to other lines of insurance – such as life or health insurance – but it is not meant to be your only means of protection. While major medical or life insurance policies can provide the bulk of benefits to your family after an illness or loss, supplemental insurance benefits can be used to pay for unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. They usually pay a lump sum or provide specified daily cash benefits for hospital stays or outpatient care. Individual supplemental policies can also provide benefits if you’re totally disabled from a covered illness, and help you handle the burden of everyday expenses. Because the benefits are paid directly to you, you decide how they’re spent. If you would like to receive a quote, please use our Quote Request page and we would be happy to provide you rates on the plans available in your area.