VibrantUSA is currently working with Washington State residents to enroll them into a “qualified health plan” (QHP) through the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. An individual is eligible for enrollment into a QHP if he or she:

  • Is a citizen, national or non-citizen lawfully present in the US
  • Is not incarcerated
  • Resides in the state of Washington (for the Washington Healthplanfinder)

At VibrantUSA, we can help you enroll into an individual insurance plan that suits your needs, either directly through the insurance company or also through the Exchange, also known as the Washington Healthplanfinder. There may be Premium Subsidy Opportunities for you based on income and household size.

All individual insurance plans are required to cover at least the 10 Essential Health Benefits in accordance with the Affordable Care Act. Meaning each company has similar benefits, so it now will come down to price, deductibles, doctor networks and medication coverage which will determine the coverage which is best for you.

There are now Enrollment Periods determining when people can enroll in a new plan or change their current coverage. Every year you have the opportunity to review your coverage. There may be life changes such as birth of a child, change in residence, etc that prompts a need to change as well. Give VibrantUSA a call to see how we can help you!