If you see providers at EvergreenHealth and/or use their facilities & have a UHC MA HMO plan, this contract dispute could very well impact you in 2016. Unfortunately we simply do not know if a contract will be reached between EvergreenHealth and UHC MA HMO plans. We are certainly hopeful one is reached, but we also know that if one isn’t reached our customers like yourself could very well have an insurance plan that no longer meets their needs.

The real challenge here is that in the event a contract agreement is not reached, you only have until the close of business on December 7th (unless you have a Special Election Period) to enroll onto a different Medicare Advantage plan for 2016 coverage. You would still have the disenrollment period which is January 1st through February 14th where your have the ability to return to original Medicare only, but many providers in King County no longer accept Original Medicare.

While we are as hopeful as you are that a contract agreement is made, you can certainly consider and evaluate all of your options for 2016. Our agents are here to help at absolutely no charge to you.

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