VibrantUSA was founded in 2003 at a time when a number of new insurers and products were entering the marketplace. While many of those products presented new and attractive options, we understood that such change represented the potential for confusion. VibrantUSA was created to provide the public an avenue to unbiased information regarding options for Individual Health Insurance, Medicare and other retirement oriented products. VibrantUSA is independent of the insurers we represent.

Our first step was to recruit others who shared our passion for serving. We believe we have been incredibly blessed to find a group of people who are totally committed to our vision of service. We are very impressed and proud of our team of specialists.

During 2006, VibrantUSA developed a relationship with Primary Care Insurance Services (PCIS). PCIS was formed to help primary care physicians make choices relative to Medicare plans that would allow them to survive financially while continuing to provide the level of medical care they committed to when they started their group practice. In many cases, these same physician groups have asked VibrantUSA to work with their patients to help ensure they get the health insurance information and service they deserve. (Check out our Supporting Primary Care page to see a list of those clinics.)

Today’s Medicare landscape is very different from the one we saw in 2003. Fewer plans are entering the market and many existing plans have decided to withdraw or change their premiums and benefits in ways that may make them much less attractive. This is the bad news. The good news is that VibrantUSA is still here, still independent and still focused on helping our clients understand their choices and helping them make the insurance selection