• VibrantUSA is always helpful in answering many of my questions and put me at ease with any and all what ifs and whys I may ask of them.

    Clysta Hawks Client Since: 11/16/07
  • On top of the stress of relocating across the country at age 85, I had additional stress over the changing of insurances after so many years with my former insurance companies. At this age, changes do not come easily! VibrantUSA put me completely at ease and alleviated the stress… They really do care about their clients.

    Christine R. Hall Client Since: 12/2/08
  • We met with a Vibrant agent to discuss several issues and I want to commend her personal service, professionalism and expertise. My wife, Karen, and I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting and will be following up with her early next year as we set our health care insurance coverage during early retirement and then with appropriate Medicare coverage when the time comes.

    David Hannah Client Since: 6/30/11
  • VibrantUSA has assembled a professional staff that listens carefully to each patient and then takes the time needed to be sure all questions are answered. This enables them to recommend coverage choices that really meet our patients’ needs. I trust them to do the right thing.

    David A. Lynch M.D.ABFM, Family Care Network
  • We are very pleased with the business relationship we share with VibrantUSA. We have found Vibrant to be knowledgeable and helpful in navigating through the plethora of information regarding Medicare insurance related issues for our prospective new residents. On numerous occasions Vibrant has worked with our new resident (and their family members if necessary) to obtain proper insurance and physicians to meet their individual needs. We have also used Vibrant to help our own family members that live locally with their Medicare needs. We have been greatly satisfied with this service too.

    Theresa Taylor Executive Director, Emeritus at Fairhaven
  • I suddenly found myself without health insurance and in a panic… In one 20-minute phone call my fears were totally taken away by VibrantUSA. They talked to Medicare and Social Security and now I am completely covered with Medicare and prescription drug coverage. I would stand on top of the Space Needle and tell everyone about VibrantUSA.

    Janeen Peterson Client Since 6/10/09
  • For over a year, I tried to get a refund for a premium that was charged by a previous health provider in error. The provider ignored me. Then I went to VibrantUSA. With their guidance and assistance with phone calls and letters, I had my full refund within two weeks! Thank you VibrantUSA agents for the time and attention you spent on this matter.

    Janet Kean Client Since: 12/1/10
  • Initially we had fears about the Medicare processes, however VibrantUSA has taken the time we needed to relieve any fears and moved us to a comfortable place; which seems amazing given the complicated nature of Medicare.

    Bruce & Judy Haley Clients Since: 12/20/07
  • The world of insurance is not easy to step into when you retire. You, at VibrantUSA, helped that first step be just a little easier, and when things don’t go smoothly with the insurance company, you work it out and make it work. Thank you.

    Chad & Marcia Pepperworth Clients Since: 1/1/2008
  • I moved my father from Montana to Spokane this past summer. It was in a crisis type of situation and quite stressful for me and my father. He had no drug coverage when he came and it was a huge hassle trying to figure out what to do! Once I got referred to VibrantUSA, however, it magically got easy! Not only did the representative help me find a perfect low-cost Advantage plan for my father, we were able to sign him up two months before open enrollment due to my father’s diabetes. The other insurance agents I had talked to didn’t even know we could do the early enrollment. This saved my father about $700.00! Three months later, my father was wrongly disenrolled from his Advantage plan, and, as you can imagine, I got dead ended on a lot of calls trying to resolve it. Once again, I called VibrantUSA and the representative that helped me was a cross between a Medicare genius and a pit bull. She knew exactly what to do and assisted us every step of the way until it was all resolved. I can’t say enough how amazing she was. She solved another big hassle worth hundreds of dollars and saved me from hours of calls and stress.

    Christie Pierce Client Since: 10/1/2010
  • After making a change in my Medicare supplement insurance this year, the new company made an error in reporting to Medicare. It was becoming a big mess until I called VibrantUSA. I’d still be trying to get it resolved if it wasn’t for their continual letter writing and phone calls to the right people. Thank you VibrantUSA!

    Richard Moen Client Since: 12/21/06
  • I couldn’t live without Vibrant! It’s one of the best things I have ever done when I became your client. I always know you will be there to answer y questions and to help me out of a “bind” which I seem to get into often (sorry). So thank you VibrantUSA – for everything you have done and probably will do for me (I’m thinking ahead).

    Sandra Brown Client Since: 6/12/2005
  • VibrantUSA does a skillful job of understanding my concerns and needs and then walked me through the maze of choices and options. My heart goes out to all who have no background in the insurance and/or Medicare industry and are thrust into such confusion. Your services are most valuable to those of us out here needing guidance with one of the most important issues in our lives today. I will sleep better tonight!

    Shirley Stone Client Since: 11/14/07
  • I contacted VibrantUSA in December 2010. By that time I was so stressed out I barely knew my name. Other companies were calling, mailing and knocking on my door. I was just becoming eligible for Medicare and had no idea what to do. Your agent called me back and listened and listened some more. She let me know I had options and sent me the correct information. She called me after the holidays to review everything. Thank you, VibrantUSA, for having such a great employee. My holidays were free of worry and I’m more than happy with my choice. I will refer my friends to Vibrant without hesitation and have sent some already who have been very pleased.

    Sharon Green Client Since: 12/16/2010
  • When I started researching Medicare options prior to turning 65, I asked my family physician who his office would recommend. My doctor gave me a brochure for VibrantUSA. I contacted them, met with an agent, and have been happy ever since. My agent is great. I have since sent others to VibrantUSA and they have all been very satisfied with the service and expertise.

    Michael Griffin Client Since: 4/1/2011
  • My husband is retiring and going on Medicare. We sat down with a VibrantUSA agent and had her explain our options. She was familiar with the Medicare Advantage plans accepted by our physicians at The Everett Clinic and her knowledge made the process so much easier for us. She explained everything thoroughly and was a pleasure to work with. We have already told relatives about VibrantUSA and will continue to pass along contact information to others.

    Chris Hoerner Client Since: 5/11/11
  • The Alzheimer Society of Washington (ASW) is so appreciative of our ongoing partnership with VibrantUSA. Their support of our annual educational and fundraising events has been outstanding. VibrantUSA employees have been the most exemplary volunteers. Licensed Insurance Specialist, Kailie Roosma, is an excellent example of VibrantUSA’s dedication to supporting employees who give back to our community. Kailie, as Committee Chair, was one of the most influential reasons for the success of our August 2011 Miles for Memories 5k Walk/Run! Due to her leadership and capitalizing on her VibrantUSA relationships, there was a 50% increase from 2010 in funds raised to help support the work of ASW! We are so thankful that Kailie has agreed to be our 2012 Committee Chair and for the other employees who are also helping us make a difference. These efforts will help ASW provide more support groups, education, referrals, and assistance to those affected by dementia related disease and their care partners. VibrantUSA is also supportive of our educational events and has partnered with us each year by having a vendor booth at our Spring and Fall conferences. Thank you VibrantUSA for being an outstanding community partner and helping ensure our much needed services will continue and expand!

    Brooke Larson Executive Director, Alzheimer Society of Washington
  • I had dreaded the time when I had to apply for Medicare… VibrantUSA took the stress out of the experience for me. And when I desperately needed a ‘mediator’ to help straighten out a major error on the part of Medicare, VibrantUSA stepped in to the rescue and within days the problem was corrected... I highly recommend them to anyone who appreciates the personal care this company offers.

    Tina Miller Client Since: 4/25/08
  • My VibrantUSA agent has helped me immensely and I am absolutely grateful. I have already recommended family and friends to connect with her for assistance. She is warm, friendly, very informative and I know she has my best interests at heart.

    Barbara Cary-Hamby Client Since: 9/21/2011
  • My wife and I had just moved from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Fort Worth, TX and were really confused about my wife’s Medicare Advantage Plan options. We were referred to Juan Farias, a Licensed Insurance Specialist for VibrantUSA; despite being his day off he responded back to us immediately stating that he will do his research and let us know our options by next day.

    He asked us all the appropriate questions in terms of my wife’s medical needs and medications, did his research overnight and promptly called us the very next day with a great plan to enroll in. It was refreshing to see someone so attentive, prompt, and courteous to talk to. Despite being unable to sell us that plan Juan Farias gave us all the pertinent details for the plan, the contact number, and the information that needs to be provided to the insurance company when we called them.

    Because of Juan’s due diligence and attention to detail we were able to enroll my wife in the Medicare Advantage Plan with continued coverage and great plan options the same day.

    Juan, your assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Kiran and Rebecca Kunderu.

    Kiran Kunderu