The tag line SERVICE – SELECTION – SECURITY reflects the three key advantages of working with VibrantUSA:


    There are plenty of insurance agencies who would like to SELL you something. So would we, it is how we get paid. However, the difference, is that we try to make a living by providing a SERVICE. Our clients are assigned their own personal Insurance Specialist who is an independent agent able to address their needs before, during and after the time of application. We never stop working for you!


    There is no single right product or solution for everybody and yet the options and choices can be very confusing. VibrantUSA provides access to 30 insurance companies with more than 50 plan variations. Our goal is to help you understand the various options and help you make the right choice for YOU!


    One important element in living a VIBRANT life is the knowledge that you are secure. By working with VibrantUSA, you will have the security of knowing that our agents are extensively trained and certified. They are independent and confirm that your plan choice is accepted by your physician. We are your insurance advocate, every step of the way!