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Since the mid-1960s, Medicare has been in place to provide a safety net for U.S. citizens as they retire, have disabilities, or develop End-Stage Renal Disease as well as keep costs in check. Unfortunately, trying to navigate all of the different Medicare plans, insurance companies, and legislative changes can cause a great deal of stress.

That’s why VibrantUSA was formed in 2003. Our sole purpose is to provide Medicare beneficiaries in Vancouver with the information they need to get the coverage they want at a price they can afford. Whether you are turning 65 this year or have been on Medicare for a decade, we can help.

As an independent insurance agency, we aren’t tethered to a specific insurance company or carrier. So we are able to offer you more than 50 different plans from more than 30 different Medicare carriers. Our focus is on you, so we work for you – not the carriers.

No Additional Costs

As an independent agency, VibrantUSA is paid a commission on each plan we provide our clients, no matter the plan or carrier. Because we’re able to work with such a wide range of products, we’re able to offer our services free of charge to our Vancouver, WA, clients.

We don’t take our marching orders from some big insurance company, so we won’t offer you a plan that doesn’t fit your needs or is too expensive. We remain impartial because we get paid regardless of what we sell. It’s one more way we take care of you first, insurance companies last.

A Personal Touch

Over the years, we’ve built relationships with hundreds of regional doctors, including those in Vancouver, WA. VibrantUSA knows which doctors work with Medicare, knows when new doctors become available, and when other doctors leave the plan. We’re able to give our clients the direction they need when finding a suitable health care professional.

Did you know that Medicare Plans can change from county to county? We make it our business to know what plans are available in Clark County as well as Cowlitz, Skamania, Lewis, and other regional counties. If you’re new to town or moving to more serene environments, we can help make sure your Medicare insurance follows you.

Vancouver, WA, Medicare Experts

Every passing year, federal, state, and county Medicare plans can change. From Initial Enrollment Periods to loss of coverage from an employer to lower costs for Part D prescription drugs, VibrantUSA keeps a close eye on the legislative bodies that can alter Medicare.

We then give all of our clients the information they need to change their plans accordingly. If you or a family is getting close to retirement age, or fear changes to Medicare may leave you with sufficient coverage, please reach out to the VibrantUSA Vancouver, WA, branch. Our priority is you – tell us what you need and we’ll find the right plan for you.

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