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Myth Vs. Fact: I am eligible for all the FREE Medicare benefits being advertised on TV? 

Myth! This time of year can get very confusing when it comes to what Medicare benefits you are eligible for! We see all our favorite celebrities on TV telling us we are entitled to a multitude of free benefits and all we have to do is call a 1-800 number.  

It is important to understand this is not the full truth. Much of which is being advertised as free benefits is often only for qualifying individuals or available in specific service areas. A service area is the county in which you reside. Specifically for Medicare Advantage plans, plan availability is based on the county in which you live. If you call 1-800 number, you might even open yourself up to receiving countless spam calls each day as you have now engaged with the commercial.  

If you have questions on what Medicare benefits you are eligible for, turn to a local and independent Medicare insurance agent. Work with someone who has your best interest in mind and will guide you to plan options that fit your specific needs. This Annual Enrollment Period don’t fall for the commercials on TV, call a local agent at VIbrantUSA at 866-733-5111.  

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