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Myth Vs. Fact: I am not eligible for Medicare because of my health

Myth! It is a myth that one would not qualify for Medicare coverage based on poor health.  

Medicare is a product of Social Security benefits and Medicare cannot deny coverage due to a pre-existing condition. Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage also have restrictions in that they are not allowed to raise rates based on health conditions.  

Where we do see pre-existing conditions come into play is with Medicare Supplement plans. Medicare beneficiaries can enroll into a Medicare Supplement plan regardless of health conditions during your Supplement open enrollment period which is the first 6 months of being enrolled in Medicare Part B. If you miss this enrollment period, you are not guaranteed issue and the application may be rejected. In some states they may charge you more if it is accepted. It Is crucial to work with a local and independent Medicare Insurance agent to ensure you understand all local regulations and enrolment periods. Call a VibrantUSA agent for help navigating Medicare at 866-733-5111.  

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