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Ways Your Insurance Plan Can Keep You Moving 


When it comes to your health insurance plan, most people probably only think about using their plan when they get sick, but health insurance isn’t just for when you are sick.  There are several ways that you can use your insurance plan to maintain your health. It is important to understand how your coverage works so that you can take advantage of those benefits. 

Preventive Services 

Routine visits with your primary care provider and preventive screenings can assist in identifying health issues early on.  Medicare covers many preventive services including exams, shots, lab tests and screenings.  This also includes programs for health monitoring, counseling and education to help people take care of their own health.  Taking advantage of these services and programs can not only help prevent illnesses and other health problems but can also help determine the best treatment options should an illness be detected.   

Health Risk Assessment 

An HRA, or Health Risk Assessment is a tool that many plans are using to identify risk factors and evaluate the overall health status of their beneficiaries.  An HRA is a self-reported questionnaire that is intended to identify potential risk factors so that a personalized care plan can be put in place.  This goes hand in hand with preventive services to effectively manage those risk factors in order to keep beneficiaries healthier by matching them to health and wellness services that will best fit their needs.   

Fitness Memberships 

While Original Medicare does not include any fitness benefits, many Medicare Advantage and even Medicare Supplement plans do.  These plans partner with programs that offer a number of fitness benefits that are designed to improve overall fitness and wellbeing.  Benefits can include membership to participating facilities across the county, home fitness kits, access to a digital library of workout videos, and personalized one-on-one coaching.  

These are a few ways in which you can utilize your health plan to maintain or even improve your health.  In order to fully take advantage of the benefits your plan has to offer, it is important to understand the benefits available before enrolling in a plan.  At VibrantUSA, our agents are available year-round to help you understand those benefits when enrolling, and to answer questions that arise when using your plan.   

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