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Travelling this, Summer? How Medicare travels with you. 

 Travelling in the United States 

If you are on a supplement plan and have Original Medicare, you can see any Medicare accepting provider in the United States. This includes all fifty states and territories of the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and the Northern Mariana Islands.  

With Medicare Advantage Plans, your plan will determine if care is covered outside of the plans service area. Plans such as PPOs may cover out of network providers at a higher cost share, you can check with your plan to see if a provider in a certain region is covered. Plans also can have specific restrictions such as prior authorization or referrals required. In cases of emergency, Medicare Advantage plans are required to provide emergency care or urgent care coverage anywhere in the United States. Reach out to your local Medicare insurance agent or plan to see how you are covered while travelling with your plan. 

Travelling outside the United States 

In General, Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans do not cover care outside of the United States and its territories. However, there are instances where your plan must cover you: 

  • In some cases, Medicare may pay for services (emergency or non-emergency) in a foreign hospital if the foreign hospital is nearest to your residence. This is most common if your near Mexico or Canadian borders. If the most direct route for emergency care happens to be Canada, this also applies.  
  • If you are on a cruise ship and within United States territory waters (or six hours from a U.S port), Medicare will pay for medical care provided on a cruise ship.  

 Travel Insurance  

Travel insurance is also available in the form of trip cancellation and medical coverage. Cost of coverage depends on many factors including the length, costs, and type of coverage desired.  There are specific rules and time guidelines that apply. If you have specific questions regarding your plan or travel insurance, reach out to VibrantUSA at 866-733-5111 or visit our website at  

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