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Medicare Coverage of Vaccines  

Many questions circle around the topic of vaccines and how Medicare covers vaccines.  

Do I have to pay out of pocket? Are there specific rules and regulations? Is the vaccine covered by Medicare Part B or Medicare Part D? Let’s look at what falls under Medicare Part B and what falls under Medicare Part D. 

Part B  

Shots that fall under Medicare Part B include flu shots, pneumonia shots, hepatitis B, and COVID-19 vaccines. Part B also covers vaccines after you have been exposed to a dangerous virus or disease, for example if you were bit by a racoon a rabies shot would be covered.  

Part D 

Typically, if a provider recommends you receive a vaccination it will fall under Medicare Part D coverage. The amount you pay for a vaccine is dependent on where you receive the vaccine and your Part D plan. It is a good idea to check the plan’s coverage rules and see where you can get your vaccine at the lowest cost. An example of vaccines covered by Part D include Shingles, Measles, and Polio to name a few.  


With most vaccines, there are some limitations and rules. This can include timing of vaccinations, administration fees, and billing specifics. Always reach out to a medical professional or independent Medicare Insurance Agent if you have questions! If you are concerned about a specific vaccination and cost, call a VibrantUSA agent at 866-733-5111.  

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