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Diabetes Awareness  

According to the American Diabetes Association, over 37 million Americans live with diabetes and another 96 million have pre-diabetes. It is important to spread awareness of these staggering figures to help better understand early detection and preventative measures to curb its continual growth. 

Early Detection 

The first step to getting ahead of diabetes is knowing your risk. There are many resources that can help you identify risk factors including the American Diabetes Association online risk test. Many Americans are living with pre-diabetes and do not even know it. Risk factors can include age, gender, family history, obesity, cultural background and if you have high blood pressure.  

Staying Fit & Eating Healthy  

Staying active and eating healthy are among ways one can mitigate risk and best manage diabetes. Whether it is a brisk walk or lifting weights, exercise is crucial along with medications and diet to manage diabetes. Exercise can help lower blood glucose levels in your body and causes increased sensitivity to insulin in your body.  

A healthy and balanced diet is key to feeling your best. Most research points to no “one” perfect diabetes diet. It is highly individualized as everyone’s body responds to diets differently.  

Seek Expert Advice 

Diabetes requires a high level of management and no one should undertake the journey alone. Having a trusted medical professional as your advocate is critical to success.  

Utilizing an independent and unbiased health insurance expert is also a important consideration. Complete and affordable health insurance is important for those with diabetes as they may require access to specialized care, education, medication, and supplies such as test strips or insulin.  

If you’re eligible for Medicare and need help understanding your benefits, connect with a VibrantUSA agent at 866-733-5111.  

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