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Myth Vs. Fact: I have to navigate Medicare on my own. 

Myth! Medicare can seem daunting especially if you are researching it for the first time. If you turn to the internet, you can find countless articles that will send you down a rabbit hole for hours. Sometimes going back to basics is best! Work with a local insurance agent in a one-on-one setting to alleviate the confusion that surrounds Medicare. 

Reasons to work with a local and independent expert: 

  • They will put your interest and needs first to find the best plan fit 
  • Educational resources
  • Understanding of local regulations and special enrollment periods 
  • Deep knowledge of local plans available  
  • Aware of local provider networks 
  • No cost to you! 

If you have questions or looking for educational resources on Medicare, reach out to a local and independent VibrantUSA agent at 866-733-5111. 

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