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Turning 65 in 2022?  

Gift yourself peace of mind. 

Whether you are already retired or still working, turning age 65 can be a complicated time when it comes to Medicare enrollment. When searching online, countless websites and articles appear with varying levels of information causing even more confusion. Working with local experts can help simplify the process in addition to considering the following. 

Attend an educational Medicare webinar or in-person seminar  

Participating in a live or virtual educational seminar will give you a deep understanding of Medicare basics and enrollment information. There are many things to consider that you might not even be aware of that a seminar will cover. VibrantUSA hosts monthly Medicare 101 webinars, follow the link to view our full schedule: 

Work with a local expert 

When it comes to rules and regulations within the different parts of Medicare, local regions vary. If you do not work with a local expert, you might miss important deadlines that restrict your options later down the road.  

Other things to consider  

Are you already receiving Social Security Benefits? Social Security will automatically sign you up for parts A and B of Medicare when turning 65. 

Do you plan to keep working? If you choose to remain on an employer sponsored plan, you can choose to defer Part B with social security. However, if your company has less than 20 employees on the insurance plan, you may be subject to a late enrollment penalty for the length of time you did not have Part B.  

Are you currently taking COBRA? COBRA is not considered credible coverage. One should take Part B when eligible in order to avoid penalties.  

Do you currently have a Health Savings Plan from an employer? If you have a Health Savings Account (HSA), it is commonly advised that you and your employer should stop contributing to it 6 months before you sign up for Part A to avoid a tax penalty. 

If you are turning sixty-five in 2022, gift yourself peace of mind by reaching out to a local and independent Medicare Insurance agent! It is never too early to start planning. Give a VibrantUSA  agent a call today at 866-733-5111 to start the process.  




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