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Get your Ducks in a Row 

Did you recently get a new Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug Plan for 2022? With a new plan comes new ancillary benefits, medical cards, and provider options that you can take advantage of.  Ensure you are set up for success by taking the steps to get all your benefits in a row! 

Update Medical Cards with Pharmacies: Ensure your pharmacy has your new Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug Plan card to receive expected co-payment amounts. 

Dental Allowances: Some Medicare Advantage plans offer dental allowances to use towards routine or comprehensive services. Check the allotted amounts and accepting providers to take advantage of this benefit. 

Vision: Take a look at your vision benefits! Many Medicare Advantage plans offer no or low-cost routine exams, limits may apply. Maximum benefit allotments may be offered to use towards lenses, frames and contacts on some plans.  

Hearing: Have you been waiting to get hearing aids because the cost is so high? Medicare Advantage plans might offer discounted rates for specific brands and levels of hearing aids that can help towards out-of-pocket cost. Like vision plans, routine hearing exams may be no or low-cost.  

Looking for a New Specialist: Medicare plans typically work within a network of Doctors and Specialists that beneficiaries can seek services from. If you are seeking a new provider this year, there are online tools called provider searches where you can check what providers are in network with your plan. You can also always call your Medicare agent for help navigating. 

Fitness Program Extras: Each Medicare Advantage plan offers a different fitness program. Some programs offer a membership to one gym while others allow you to visit multiple locations. Programs often offer extras such as a fitness tracking device and much more you can take advantage of! 

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Benefits: Do not leave money on the table! Many Medicare Advantage plans offer quarterly or yearly monetary benefits to use towards non-prescription items such as pain medications or first aid supplies. Benefits do not always roll over and it is important to use them before they expire.  

Acupuncture, Chiropractic, and Naturopaths: Medicare Advantage plans are becoming more competitive in offering alternatives to traditional western medicine. Many plans now offer a set number of visits for set co-pays allowing members to utilize services such as acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopaths, and massage therapy. Typically, a plan will require you to work within a specific network of providers.  

Telehealth: Think you might have a sinus infection or mild cold? Many plans now offer telehealth services that members can utilize to save a trip to the doctor’s office.  

Durable Medicare Equipment (DME) providers: Similar to how Medicare plans have networks of physicians, most plans have a network of suppliers and preferred brands for durable medical equipment. It is important to utilize these suppliers as you may otherwise end up paying out of pocket or a higher cost.  

Remember you are not alone in managing your healthcare benefits. VibrantUSA agents specialize in Medicare and are available year-round to support customer service needs. We are eager to assist clients in getting the most out of their plan! Call us today at 866-733-5111 for a partner in navigating your Medicare benefits. 

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