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Plan F—What’s Going On?

2019 is off and rolling and rumors about Medigap Plan F are circulating.  Many of you might have heard Plan F as well as Plan C* and High Deductible F are not going to be sold any longer as of January of 2020.  While this is true, there are several important things to know.

What is Plan F?

Plan F is the most comprehensive Medigap/Supplement plan (also referred to as Lettered Plans or Medigap policies) sold today. Medicare Supplement insurance helps pay for out-of-pocket costs of Medicare Part A and Part B. These costs might be coinsurance, copayments, and deductibles. Plan F covers your Part B deductible of $185 as well as:

  • Medicare Part A deductible
  • Medicare Part B excess charges if your doctor doesn’t accept Medicare assignment
  • Part A hospital and coinsurance costs up to an additional 365 days after Medicare benefits are exhausted
  • Part B coinsurance
  • First three pints of blood used in an approved medical procedure (annually)
  • Part A hospice care copayment or coinsurance
  • Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) coinsurance
  • Foreign travel emergency medical care (80% up to plan limits)

Plan F – The Facts

FACT: Anyone who turns 65 before January 1st, 2020, can enroll** in Plan F even after 2020 and can keep their plans as long as they choose.

FACT: Anyone who turns 65 on or after January 1st, 2020, will only be able to purchase Medicare Supplement Plan F if they have a Medicare Part A effective date prior to 2020.  This would apply if someone went on Medicare due to disability rather than age prior to age 65.

FACT: Insureds already enrolled in Plan F don’t need to take any action to stay with their plan.  Plan F will still be available for consumers eligible to purchase them in 2020 and beyond.  So, if you have a plan F and get a rate increase for instance, you can shop around for another Plan F and still enroll** in the new plan should you find a better deal.

Are there comparable options to Plan F?

Absolutely!  Check in with one of our licensed insurance agents on how Plan G or N might compare.


*Plans C (not to be confused with Part C) and Plan High Deductible F are the only other Medigap/Supplement plans that cover the $185 Part B deductible
**May be subject to medical underwriting


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