My doctor is not in network with my Medicare Insurance Plan?

Each fall, seniors on a Medicare Insurance plan get the opportunity to review all of their plan options for the next year.  It is very important for seniors to take advantage of this opportunity as they generally only get the Annual Election Period to change their coverage for the following year.  One very important consideration when choosing your plan or electing to stay on your existing coverage is the plan networks.

A cornerstone to many insurance plans is the network.  Many of the benefits will be geared towards in network providers and services with potentially less coverage to no coverage at all for out of network providers.  This is why understanding your plan’s network is so critical.

If your doctor or doctors do not contract with your insurance plan, you may very well have other options to look at (depending on your residence county, needs, etc.).  We have put together a list below to help you with this situation.

  • DO NOT PANIC – As stated above, you may very well have other options and our team can help you.
  • Don’t try to tackle this problem on your own.  There are many nuances when reviewing all of the available plans and trying to compare the networks can be very difficult, especially with multiple plan options.
  • Request assistance from an Independent and Unbiased Insurance Agent

Our agents at VibrantUSA work together as a team of Medicare Insurance Specialists to make sure our customers receive the best unbiased service in the industry.  Our specialists are not financial planners, auto insurance agents, or real estate professionals who work Medicare on the side.  Our specialists focus on Medicare nearly 100% of the time throughout the entire year.

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Request assistance from our team here on our website.  An agent will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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Give us a call at 866-733-5111 and we will make sure an agent is able to answer any questions you may have.

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Visit a VibrantUSA location.  We currently have 4 office locations in Washington  to serve you.

VibrantUSA is an independent insurance agency representing more than 30 regional and national insurance companies with more than 50 plan variations. Because we are independent, our only mission is to help you find the insurance coverage that best fits your needs, preferences and budget.

VibrantUSA is considered the agency of choice for hundreds of primary care physicians. VibrantUSA maintains up-to-date information on the Medicare insurance plans accepted by each family care practice we support and we help patients find the solution that is right for their specific needs. Primary care physicians trust VibrantUSA because they know we are the Medicare insurance specialists, we are unbiased and we treat their patients with the respect and level of service they deserve.

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