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Some Premera Blue Cross and LifeWise Health Plan of Washington members received a letter recently stating Northwest Emergency Physicians (NWEP) would no longer be in-network, and advising that members go elsewhere to receive care, or expect to be billed out-of-network rates for services provided by this physician group.

Last week however, Premera released a statement announcing North Emergency Physicians will remain in the Premera Blue Cross network of doctors and hospitals.

Our goal is to ensure that members can access affordable, high-quality care in their local communities, and the new agreement between NWEP and Premera means members will continue to receive higher coverage amounts and lower out-of-pocket costs when they receive services from NWEP – just as they would if they received services from other providers within network.

LifeWise Health Plan stated the same:

We are pleased that due to new developments, NWEP remains part of the LifeWise network. We regret any confusion this may have caused.

Premera members may begin to receive letters stating this by the end of the week, and should call Customer Service at (855) 869-6770 with any questions.  LifeWise members can reach Customer Service at (800) 592-6804.

The specialists at VibrantUSA are eager to help you understand your coverage.  Contact us anytime throughout the year for assistance.

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