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Springtime is often the time of year when many Medicare Supplements (Medigap policies) announce a rate increase (though companies may change their rates at various times of the year).  Current members will receive letters from their carriers stating the new premium and when it will take effect.

But I just signed up for this plan!  Now I’m stuck with it?!

Actually, no!  There is no yearly open enrollment period for Medicare Supplement plans—you may switch plans at any time.  And in many situations (depending on which plan you have and through which company) you will be given ‘guaranteed issue’; no health questions required.

I don’t know which other plans are out there, or what their premiums are.  How can I be sure I am paying the lowest amount possible for my Medicare Supplement?

Give us a call!  We are licensed to sell all Medicare Supplement plans in the state of Washington, and can go over the premiums and applicable discounts (spousal and/or EFT) with you to make sure you’re enrolled in the right plan for you. 

How can I be sure I’ll be getting the same coverage if I switch?

Supplement plans are standardized by Medicare, meaning a Plan F (or N, or G, etc.) is the same whether you enroll through Regence, United Healthcare (AARP), United of Omaha, or another insurance carrier.  It’s truly an “apples to apples” comparison; the only variation is the premium.  We can assist you in switching to a different plan entirely (lower cost, less benefits), or to another carrier for the same plan to save money.

Contact us anytime with your questions; we’re here to help!

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