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Now that we have completed both open enrollments for Medicare and the Affordable Care Act, we are very excited to announce that we are opening a new office in Vancouver, WA and that we have moved to a new office location in San Antonio, TX. Normally moving offices is something you do not get too excited about, but in this case we actually are quite excited.

bulverde-signage.fwOur San Antonio office has moved about 8 miles out of the official city limits of San Antonio to a smaller town called Bulverde (bull-ver-day). The new office building is a single story structure and we were able to design the interior to completely meet our needs without requiring any compromises. This means that our staff will even more efficient as we’ve eliminated “waste” which will improve our overall customer service. We also will have signage (shown in the picture) right there on Highway 281 which is a very heavily traveled highway in and out of San Antonio, TX.

vancouver.fwOur new office in Vancouver, WA is something that we are even more excited about (OK, some bias… I will be working in that space!). Our office in Vancouver will be home to our IT group and we are currently looking for agents in the area who would like to join our family that share our vision and passion for helping others. We know that our customers absolutely love our service and value our agents tremendously and we look forward to offering these services in Vancouver which is the fourth largest city in the state of Washington. Our new office is currently scheduled to be open in May.

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