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If you are on Medicare and have questions, If you would like our assistance, please call us at 1-888-685-5111 or click on the link below but understand that the rest of this update does not impact those on Medicare.
[box type=”info” style=”” color=”#dbecf8″]VibrantUSA specializes in help people understand what their insurance options are under Medicare but we also work with people who are not on Medicare understand their individual insurance options.[/box] For those of you who need to find (or change) your individual health insurance, this has been a very confusing and challenging time. Almost everyone on an individual plan is experiencing large rate increases and in many cases, losing their plan. The good news is that there are many new options both on and off the Washington State Exchange. The better news is that our individual health plan experts in Bellingham WA are prepared to help you through it.

As you probably have heard, the Washington State Exchange has been experiencing problems. To be fair, much of this can be expected given the pure size of the initiative but that doesn’t really help you (or us). It is important to remember that you still have plenty of time (up to December 23, 2013) to enroll in a plan for January 1. We have always believed that any action taken in haste can lead to regrets later and it is important to analyze your options and make the best decision rather than the easiest one.

Here are a few pointers to help you get started:

There are two sets of new plans for 2014; those on the Washington State exchange and those off exchange. VibrantUSA represents both options.

In order to qualify for a premium subsidy, you must go through the Exchange. You qualify for a subsidy based on the number of people in your household and your income. Income is comprised of wages, unemployment, Social Security and investments such as interest or dividends. Income levels to qualify for a subsidy are as follows:

[table class=”blue” shadow=”1″]
Number of People in Household Income
1 under $46,000
2 under $62,000
3 under $78,000
4 under $94,300

If your 2014 projected income is below these levels, you very likely qualify for premium savings and should go through the Exchange to access this help. To be honest, it is a slightly cumbersome process but worth it in the long run.

If you do not qualify for a subsidy, we will most likely shop “off the exchange” as it is a less rigorous process and the options “off exchange” tend to have better networks. In this case, please call us at 1-888-685-5111 or click on the link below to get the process started.

If you feel you will qualify for a premium subsidy, it is best to work through the Exchange. Remember that we can still help you evaluate your options even IF you use the Exchange but to do so, you must first establish your account on the Exchange itself.

Here is the link to set up your account:

You will need to know Social Security Numbers and date of birth for your family members and projected income.


  • List ALL members of your household regardless of whether they are seeking coverage or whether they have other coverage (including Washington Apple Health).
  • Remember to include your spouse, children, and any qualifying tax dependents. If you are a tax dependent, make sure to include the primary tax filer as well as their household members.
  • If any of the members you have listed are not seeking coverage, indicate “No” as a response to the question “Are you seeking coverage for this individual?”

At the end of this process you are able to select a broker. If you select one of our Vibrant specialists (see the list below), we can shop for you based on your level of subsidy and help you apply for the coverage that is right for you. Once you are done setting up your account and select us as your broker, send us an email or give us a quick call so that I can schedule a time to meet or have a phone appointment to go through your options.

VibrantUSA licensed agent specialists:

Renee Marr : Vice President & Licensed Insurance Specialist

Renee Marr

Vice President & Licensed Insurance Specialist

Renee has spent more than 17 years in the fields of insurance, investments, health care reimbursement and tax law. She has been with VibrantUSA since its inception and has played an essential role in moving the company forward. She is the first recipient of the company’s Cornerstone Award in recognition of outstanding performance and achieving sales in excess of 2,000. Renee is a graduate of Western Washington University majoring in English. She enjoys reading, cooking, boating, good wine and spending time with her loved ones. Renee lives with her husband and son in Bellingham, WA.

Kailie Roosma : Licensed Insurance Specialist

Kailie Roosma

Licensed Insurance Specialist

Kailie attended the University of Washington and graduated from Western Washington University in 2007. Shortly thereafter, she began her career with VibrantUSA. Kailie is very active in the community and served as chairperson for the Alzheimer’s society of Washington’s 2012 Miles for Memories 5k Walk/Run. She lives in Glacier, WA with her husband, son and pets.

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