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Beginning today, The Everett Clinic will be sending letters to their 45,000 Medicare Patients announcing the Medicare Advantage HMO plans accepted in 2014.
[box type=”info” style=”” color=”#dbecf8″]The Everett Clinic announced on October 29th that they have contracted with Regence on the PPO plan for 2014. This is great news for nearly 1,000 VibrantUSA customers as they may have needed to make a change. If you had the Regence PPO plan and made a change for 2014 with another carrier, please contact our office to speak with your agent to make sure that the plan you have selected for 2014 is still the best option for you.[/box] There are a few changes in the plans accepted by The Everett Clinic for 2014. For example, a PPO plan that was accepted this past year will no longer be contracted with by The Everett Clinic. There is also a new Medicare Advantage HMO plan available in Snohomish County for 2014 that the Everett Clinic has contracted with.

VibrantUSA is one of three independent agencies that The Everett Clinic recommends to their patients. We have been working with The Everett Clinic for the past four years and have helped several thousand of their patients retain their relationship with their doctor by evaluating various plan options and finding a plan that best suits their needs.

If you would like our assistance, please call us at 1-888-685-5111 or contact us here on our website.

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