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The following represents the most common questions about Medicare insurance and the election results:

Q. What will happen to my Medicare Advantage plan?

A. Your Medicare Advantage plan will not be impacted for 2013. If you have or are contemplating purchasing a Medicare Advantage plan for 2013, you are entering into a contract. Your contract must be honored as it stands for the coming year.

Q. What will happen to Medicare Advantage plans in 2014 and down the road?

A. No one knows what the future will bring. All of us who work in the Medicare insurance industry know we must expect change – it happens each and every year.

Q. Should I choose a Medicare Supplement plan over a Medicare Advantage plan?

A.  This is a question your Medicare insurance specialist can help you answer. There are factors to consider. First, Can you pass underwriting (health questions)? Second, will your primary care doctor accept Medicare Supplement plans? Finally, does your budget allow for the higher premium Medicare Supplement plans require?

These are the top three questions we are hearing today. Stay tuned for more information as people voice their concerns.

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