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Enrollees in Medicare Advantage plans had better pay attention.  As noted in our recent announcements the coming year will be full of change including increased premiums; plans being cancelled or leaving the area as well as changes to drug plans.

Every year all insurance companies, including Group Health, are required to send their enrollees a letter called the Annual Notice of Change. This letter spells out what will be new or different in the plan for the coming year.

At VibrantUSA we encourage all Medicare Advantage and/or Prescription Drug plan enrollees to carefully review their letter. If the changes outlined are acceptable, there is nothing more to do – the plan will “roll” over automatically. However, if the changes are confusing or not acceptable, you may want expert advice.

Since 2003 the staff at VibrantUSA has been specializing in Medicare insurance. We are here to help you, especially during difficult times like these.  There is no charge for our services. Make sure you are getting the best plan for you – the one that covers your prescription drugs, is accepted by your doctors, and fits your personal needs. Call us today at 866-733-5111 or email for a free personal consultation.

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