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The Open Enrollment Period for Medicare Advantage plans begins October 15 for the year 2013.

[lts_infobox type=”warning” clickable=”yes” boldtext=”Did You Know?”]Per the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) rules and regulations, insurance agencies are prohibited from releasing, discussing and/or marketing any 2013 plan information until October 1st, 2012. All ready many rumors have been heard about specific plans changing or leaving the area which we are prohibited from discussing until October 1st, 2012.[/lts_infobox]

New plan information will not be available until October 1, however, we suggest you start getting ready now to avoid the last-minute rush. We recommend you do the following:

  1. Watch your mail carefully – your current Medicare Advantage insurance plan is required to send you a Notification of Change packet by September 30. This will spell out any changes to your existing coverage or premium.
  2. Be ready to review the new plans – they will be released prior to October 15. You will want to make a list of your prescription medications and physicians and send it to your agent – for your convenience go to
  3. Think about your current Medicare Advantage plan: Is it meeting your needs, are the premiums within your budget, is the prescription drug portion of the plan covering your medications adequately? Write down your notes so you will have them ready to review with your agent.

With this information gathered in advance, you will be ready for an annual insurance review with your VibrantUSA agent. Call as early as possible for an appointment – sales begin October 15, however your agent will be able to discuss new plan options with you beginning October 1.

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