Why Work With VibrantUSA?

VibrantUSA is an independent insurance agency specializing in Medicare. We represent the majority of Medicare insurance plans available in Washington and Texas. We assist our clients with selecting plans, purchasing plans, claims, questions/concerns, and provide up-to-date information on Medicare insurance. We are a totally unbiased resource dedicated to finding the best plan for each client. There is no fee for our service.


How to choose a Medicare insurance plan?

  • What plans will my doctor accept?
  • What plan provides the best coverage for my prescription drugs?
  • What plan addresses the special benefits important to me (gym membership, vision coverage, etc.)?
  • What plan will cover me while traveling?


I know which Medicare insurance plan I want – what do I do next?

While we can simply sell you the plan you’re seeking, we prefer to verify the plan is accepted by your physicians and also verify your prescription drugs will be covered. Ultimately you want the best plan for you and we can help you get there. It’s all part of a systematic process that ensures no steps have been missed in selecting your Medicare insurance coverage.